About Garden Route Film Office

Vision: Making GR&KK a film industry destination of choice and be the hub for the film and television industry in the region.

Mission: To facilitate and enhance an enabling environment that allows the film and television industry to play a meaningful role in the socio-economic development of the region

Garden Route Film Office

Partners and key role players have been identified to assist in taking this vision forward in a self-sustainable way, and eight specific strategic interventions had been identified to guide the GR&KK Film Office as a one-stop service entry point for the local and international industry members.

The GR&KK film industry can grow by leveraging its unique and diverse combination of locations, ease of access and “Film Friendly” attitude. The challenge for the industry is how to effectively address the constraints it faces, so it can unlock the region’s growth potential. As the Western Cape’s next key economic hub, the region has a fast growing population, ready for both local and international productions. The region is becoming a popular filming destination and embraced the opportunity to become more pro-active and focussed on the industry needs.

The vision of the Film Industry Strategy is to realise the industry’s full economic potential by focusing on job creation initiatives, while simultaneously striking a balance between commercially-orientated productions and independent filmmaking that provide for a diversified range of stories, narratives, viewpoints and experiences. There is therefore both an economic and artistic imperative in growing the industry and it is important to recognise that these imperatives are not mutually exclusive.

In particular, a ‘whole of sector’ approach is pursued that is visibly and efficiently coordinated by the GR&KK working in close synergy with the industry – an industry that is continuously better organised and more cohesive. This will also require that national, provincial and local governments as well as communities clearly understand the range of cultural, social and economic benefits that can accrue from a successful local audio-visual industry. Lastly, it is imperative that more robust production businesses emerge that offer diversified services and products to more diversified audiences and markets.

The GR&KK Film Office’s core business is to facilitate and enhance the contribution of the industry to the economic growth of the region. The GR&KK markets the Garden Route and Klein Karoo, with its inherent beauty and natural attractions and wide range of locations, as a tourism, but more specifically, film destination of choice. It will also act as a centralised industry intelligence hub, ensuring that all interested productions can experience a one- stop shop in a film-friendly environment.

Core Function: The GR&KK is a serious player in the film and television industry through harnessing the region’s creative expertise and unique and wide-ranging locations, by:
• Marketing the Garden Route and Klein Karoo as a film location of choice
• Acting as a centralised industry intelligence hub and resource
• Working with, and providing advice to industry, government agencies and other key stakeholders about the support, development and growth of a sustainable creative industry
• Promoting and celebrating an active screen culture across the province, and
• Supporting the transformation of the sector into a world-class industry reflective of South Africa in its entirety.

Recent Examples of economic impact of attracting shoots:
• Klein Karoo (movie)
• Hanna Hoekom (movie – Tsitsikamma area)
• Knysna (movie)
• Hidden City (1992 - 1995’s TV show in Harkerville)
• The First Man (2016)


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